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2018 藝術北京 ART BEIJING 2018

2018 Art Beijing

2018 Art Beijing

Artist: HUANG Ming Chun, LIU Shin Yi, CHEN Ying, LAI Jing
Duration: 2018/04/29 –2018/05/02 (4/29 Open to VIP) 
Booth: A1






Fish Art Center from Taipei has been invited to the Art Beijing expedition continuously for the ninth time and will be showcasing contemporary artworks from Taiwanese artists, Ming Chun Huang and Shin Yi Liu and Chinese artists, Sing Chen and Jing Lai. 

Known for presenting various colors and shadows in art, Ming Chun Huang attempts to breakthrough the old standards of art by using light as the genesis, evolving and connecting them to the themes of life, and to present his art in a way that delivers the diverse meaning of life. His recent works focuses on his new color theory that contradicts the old fashion way of using highlights and shadows, which brings an innovative form of thinking to the modern art world.

The art made by Shin Yi Liu is the fantasies and dramas in every girls’ mind. The warmth from the hand carved marks immersed in the murmurs of a little girl, tells you a life’s gentleness.

From Sichuan, Ying Chen’s hyperrealistic art caught several collectors attention. He skillfully uses dark colors and distorted objects to portray the beauty behind the ironies of life, death, love, fear, fantasy, and reality and to show the rapid movements and changes in the current society.

Also a graduate from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Jing Lai, with solicitude and compassion, shows the feminine and poetic details of her art through traditional eastern ink painting combined with western hyperrealistic ideas. She is skilled at using different perspectives to create the spatial structure in her art. As if peeking through an empty room, or a dust sealed memory of the pictures of youth, the mysteriousness and the beauty from time and space conveys the experiences of life.