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【新花樣 Flowers Nouveau】Kevin Woodson微型展覽


「新花樣 Flowers Nouveau」這系列作品希望承襲19世紀新藝術運動(Art Nouveau )的自由奔放與詩意,並擷取當代設計與古典神話的元素,以一種新的方式來表現花朵的無限與超然。多年來的寫生創作,我已把花朵視為一種心靈的象徵,而那些穿梭其間的魚兒飛鳥,對我以及對花而言,也都是珍貴的夥伴。

In Flowers Nouveau I wanted to capture the freedom and poetry of the Art Nouveau movement of the 19th  Century in flowers. I chose this new direction in my paintings so I could include elements of today’s New Floral Design movement, and inspiration from myth. The flowers I paint in this series are absolutely unrestrained, breaking free of gravity and time to become part of a greater, transcendent garden. In fact, I feel that decades of painting flowers in gardens have taught me to see and paint the divine in my subject. I’m sure you’ll notice that so many of these paintings also include birds, fishes, and other hidden treasures that are the precious companions, both to me and the flowers. Because this is a new approach for me and for flower painting in general, I have chosen a fresh approach to present these multimedia paper paintings, varnishing the paper, but not covering it with glass or mat board. I hope you’ll enjoy the visual poetry in each painting and all the flowers that remind us of love and human potential every day.

Kevin Woodson

從加州灣區到世界各地,Kevin Woodson不斷創作許多生動的花卉作品。受到東方與西方藝術的啟發,Kevin不但追雖前輩畫家的足跡,更將傳統花卉賦予當代文化意象,並透過在自然中寫生,直接深入花朵稍縱即逝的熱情與寧靜。


2012        Studios Uptown Body and Fender, 加州奧克蘭, PRO ARTS EAST BAY OPEN
2012        PR Gallery, 舊金四季酒店, FOUR SEASONS OF FLOWERS, 
2013        International Flower Essence Center 台北國際花精中心, INNER HEART GARDEN 心靈花園
2014        Galleria Scola, 加州奧克蘭, FLOWERS OF THE NEW YEAR, KEVIN'S INNER HEART GARDEN 
2014        Living Lab Gallery藍瓦畫廊,桃園, THE LITTLE GARDEN 小花園
2014        Together Arts Gallery串藝術, 台北, SPRING BLOSSOMS花開有時
2014        Oakland City Hall奧克蘭市政廳, KEVIN'S FLOWERS GO TO CITY HALL
2014        Creative Framing Gallery, 加州奧克蘭, VIBRANT IMPRESSIONS
2015        Oakland City Hall奧克蘭市政廳, POLLINATION, OAKLAND STYLE
2015        Xochitla Gallery, 墨西哥市, FIESTA EN LAS DALIAS
2016        Living Lab Gallery藍瓦畫廊,桃園, THE SECRET LIFE OF FLOWERS 生而燦爛
2016        Spark Arts Gallery, 加州舊金山, FLOWERS ARE FOREVER IN MARDI GRAS
2016        Joyce Gordon Gallery, 加州奧克蘭, PEACE WITHIN CHAOS
2017        Living Lab Gallery藍瓦畫廊,桃園, TO DREAM WITH FLOWERS 夢裡花開
2017        Art Taichung, by Fish Art Center台中藝術博覽會|秋刀魚藝廊,
2018        Living Lab Gallery藍瓦畫廊,桃園, A JOURNEY OF LOVE 愛之旅
2018        Joyce Gordon Gallery, 加州奧克蘭, NIGHT FLOWERS