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『琥珀』陳穎2017油畫新作展 "Amber" CHEN Ying 2017 Oil painting Solo Exhibition

我的工作方向從未改變過,就是試圖展示一種荒謬的不死性。 』──陳穎。
他筆下的人偶,有著細緻的“皮膚”,擁有明媚的雙眼和濃密的睫毛。朱唇嬌豔欲滴,絲絲發梢柔美順滑。這本應受人垂愛呵護的美物,卻在這快速發展的工業社會裡,遭人輕蔑遺棄,被賦予的價值蕩然無存。對於這樣的現實,“她”選擇沈默以對——靜靜地躺著,輕閉雙眼、面容甜美安詳,好似與世無爭。對於“她”的際遇,我不清楚是該黯然抑或傾羨。那瞬間的永恆,定格在瞭如此華麗頹美的珍寶中,像極了這浮華絢爛卻毫無靈魂的世界。那是不存在的世界中存在的事實。徘徊纏綿於生死、愛慕、恐懼、虛幻與現實的矛盾情緒之中。 “她”妄想不朽,卻徒留一副軀殼,獨自地封存在透明琥珀中。
陳穎2017創作個展,將帶給觀眾對世界另一層次的思考,對於所處於現今社會的我們,該如何定位自身的價值,透過作品的省思,來探討生命最初的本質。 撰文/王詩婷

開幕:2017. 09.09(六)15:00 pm

The orientation of my creation job has never been changed, I am always attempting to display such kind of absurdity, never stop!

At first glance, breathless! The air in the artwork frozen! A single breath will break the silence! Just like the snow world in December, the frozen tree makes people shivering with cold, feeling like being in the real sever winter! Artist Chen Ying, being graduated from Sichuan fine Art Institute, tells his story through every stroke of his painting. Doll is his motif, plastic yet delicate texture of skin, glassy smooth hair, bright big eyes, red lips, deserved to be loved and well cared, nevertheless, discarded, despised, lying down there speechless and worthless under the rapid elimination industrial society. Looking back previous good memories, she chose to respond with silence, closing her eyes, she was always smiling and looks peaceful. Should I shed tears for her or should I admire her? Eternity for a moment! Gorgeous and decadent jewelry is just like the beautiful yet vanity world without soul. It's the fact in the unreal life. Wondering among the contradictory complex of life and death, love and fear, illusion and reality, they are seeking eternity in vain, leaving the bodies frozen alone in "Amber".

Chen Ying's solo exhibition 2017 will give the audience another way of thinking to the world. How to define your value in the contemporary world? Let's explore the primary essence of life through his work.