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【默・墨】王秀雯水墨創作個展 “Meditation of Ink” Wang Hsiuwen Solo Exhibition of Chinese Ink







Duration: 2017.03.04-2017.04.02
Opening: 2017.03.11 Sat. 15:30PM

The solo exhibition of Wang Hsiuwen is about to hold from March 4th to April 2nd. The reception will be hosted on March 11th. The name of the exhibition, “Meditation of Ink”, relates a story about the chemistry between the ink on the workpieces and the audiences. Wang keeps constructing, destroying, and reconstructing the picture until she reaches a moment of satisfaction. She regards the essence of art works as silence. However, they will still pour out a great variety of emotion, such as happiness, sadness, hesitation, and persistence while communicating with the audiences. This is not only the murmuration of the artist but the reflection of the audiences’ self-experience.

Creation is a continued rumination of herself for Wang. The process of rumination digests emotion and thoughts; furthermore, as a partner, it marks every phase of Wang’s life scene. Wang builds every story about herself with her extinguished art style. Seeming as archiving the specific life into her works, Wang creates a space through the meandering and circuits, and includes the mental dialog of the artist and the audiences.

Art works are taken to be the media by artist. In the same time, they receives their existence of subjectivity via the process of watching and communicating. Wang’s works is a experience of “watching” and “watched”. With gaze in silence, they recalling the memory deep inside the audience’s heart. In that brief pure watch, the works are finally finished, becoming the Gestalt in every life states.