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《人造景觀》陳穎創作個展 The Artificial Spectacle – CHEN Ying Solo Exhibition

  • 秋刀魚藝術中心 Fish Art Center 137 基湖路 台北市, 104 Taiwan (map)

展覽時間:2016.7.15(五)~ 2016.8.21(日)  週二~週日 13:00~19:00 週一公休
開幕時間:2016年7月16 日 下午14:00 藝術家親臨現場






陳穎的畫作封住了某個流逝的時光,所描繪的是最寫實的具象,醞釀的疏離與專注不斷烘然而出。 細膩的筆觸、獨特冷調的光影,構築出一幅幅由人類的消費性商品所呈現的物質系統,熟悉卻已殘破,模糊地喚起曾經擁有的歡樂與不斷消費背後的匱乏寂寥感。



CHEN Ying graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute that is known for “trauma aesthetics”. Because he had been an automobile draftsman, Chen Ying cultivates mechanical precise attitude and masterly ability of realistic manner.

“Doll” is the key word of CHEN Ying’s works. It is different from that most objects of contemporary Hyperrealism are portraits, but CHEN Ying uses dolls as denotation object. He molds hyper realistic spectacles seem can be touched in real with some elements, plastic models, dolls and artifacts. That further deepens conversion between false and true.

His objects appear delicate figures appearance and excessive dressing, but with fragmented postures. CHEN Ying has no intention to resolve the uneasy and horror emotion. His works present a material system by humans' consumer goods with his exquisite strokes, unique cool colors and masterly hyperrealism skill. It indicates not only modern men’s incomplete and fragmented inner world under gorgeous appearance, but also our loneliness behind continued consumption.