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「大地的低鳴」黃敏俊個展 | “Whisper from the earth” Ming Chun Huang Solo Exhibition


“ Those traces of cracked mud which mean earth are protesting. ”Huang Ming Chun said. Be an artist, he not only caring a space issue but also thinking the time problems. Those thinking are contained in his paintings. If “whisper from the earth ” series shows an artist reflect survival opportunities observation and introspection, and moreover another series “time movement” is focus on the time. Through record people are moving figures to show a dynamic and sense of speed.

擷取自:看見內在的光 –閱讀黃敏俊2015個展「大地的低鳴」
The text from “Seeing The Inner Light” Huang Ming Chun Solo Exhibition “Whisper from the earth”


開幕茶會Opening party:2015-12-20 15:00開始