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「不同的是,我在同一張畫裡,速寫了好多遍。」戴宛蓁 個展 | "I Sketched Over And Over Again" Wan Jen Dai Solo Exhibition

「維基百科說僅勾勒出輪廓,形體,而不加繪肌理,光影的細節,這是速寫。我想,和我相差不遠吧!不同的是,我在同一張畫裡,速寫了好多遍。我們看到的總是過去, 因為,光線從遙遠的物體上到達我們這裡需要經歷漫長的時間。」


“According to Wikipedia, a quick sketch is merely an outline, a form without drawing any texture, neither the details of light and shadow. I think that I am not differing from that a lot! The difference is that I am sketching many times over the same painting. What we are looking at is always the past, that is because the light on the object takes a long time to reach where we actually are ,
In this exhibition, Dai Wan Jen responds and depicts with sensitiveness and reminiscence at the same time. With every review and every new description, different meanings become unveiled. From a vague memory to the first draft on the painting,Dai makes all the room and atmosphere become visible, transforming memories into form, texture and color. By re-sketching over and over again, a new meaning is given. While trying to figure out the overlap of memories,this temporary review makes the current feelings become a new memory again.

開幕茶會opening party:2015-06-06 15:00