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西班牙新銳藝術家Lalo Cruces 亞洲首次個展:貨櫃之地 "CONTAINERLAND" LALO CRUCES Solo Exhibition

  • 秋刀魚藝術中心 Fish Art Center Taipei City, 104 Taiwan (map)

Lalo Cruces 貨櫃之地個展 (2016年3月2日-4月5日)

Containerland是藝術家Lalo的一個系列作品名稱,共展出12件作品,『Sea Container』是這個系列的精髓,作品以個別地或雕塑組合般集合的方式,適應著不同的空間與觀念。他以他迷戀的海運貨櫃作為一種比喻,主要為反映全球化社會下人們過度生產及消費、國際貿易的現象,不僅超出人們的基本需求,也批評消費主義帶來的後果。此外,重工業和污染的面向也是藝術家所欲探討的議題。



科技正成為我們的主人,這是此系列的普遍概念,人們通過QR code或增強現實來彼此交流並成為世界的一部分。

“Containerland” is an artistic project that emerges about the artist fastination for maritime containers like a global economy metaphor.

Mass consumption, global commerce, heavy industry development and contamination are some of important points present in Lalo’s pictorial work.

With surrealism irony or mechanical and repeated images of pop-art stile, the artist propose us a reflexion about overexploitation of the planet to service of consumerism.

Without forgetting the figurative sense of this series, we can see some connections with street-art through different techniques such as graffiti or stencils, always with strokes of surrealism as a final concept of the canvas.

We can observe some references to other contemporary artist like Pierre Mondrian, as well as other great Spanish masters like Diego Velazquez or Francisco de Goya.Can “the dream of the reason” rest on a container?Can “La rendicion de Breda” show between two metallic monsters?the answer is in “Containerland”, a Lalo’s artistic project travelled to Taipei.

Big containers returning to the country that was “the world factory”.