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「玩 . 色」林家弘創作個展 “ ” Lin Chia Hung Solo Exhibition

此次『 玩 . 色 』系列創作是以「鐵皮玩具」做為描繪的對象,加上過去醞釀多年來在材質以及題材上的嘗試,應用翻模成型的「積層」效果,及色料與樹脂的堆疊,製作類似油畫「罩染」的技巧,呈現於畫面中。


In this exhibition, Lin Chia Hung creates a new series: “ ” which focus on depiction of tin toys. The artist has tried to research many different materials for many Years. He used with effect turn-molded "laminate", and resin are stacked to produce a similar painting "cover stained 'skills in his paintings.

The tins toy had become very popular in Europe after 1920. It’s also belonged to many fifty something and sixty something Taiwanese their childhood memory. The tins toy reflect to the mental manufacture of development, at that time, they produced many series likes robot series, transportation series, animal series...

The artist has collected the tins toys over decades and why he love those toys’ the reason is he believe those toys no matter shape and color they exudes a feeling of temperature, they are alive.

文 Author/林家弘

開幕茶會 opening party:2015-09-06 15:00